Chicago Naughty SchoolboyMorningwood Academy


Imagine a safe, private, and inviting haven where you can act out your wildest schoolroom fantasies and satisfy your deepest classroom fetish desires.


If your fantasies and desires concern classroom punishments, schoolroom scenarios, dunce discipline, and Teacher/student role-play, Morningwood Academy in Chicago is the answer to your dreams.


Take comfort knowing there is a place that embraces your proclivities, helps you express your feelings, and allows you to realize your most fantastic imaginings. Such a place is a godsend for anyone who gave up hope of ever finding a sadistic schoolmistress who shares a penchant for fetishes and role-play of this kind.


Discovering a location that is ideally suited to classroom play that feeds your tendencies is truly wonderful. Picture an extremely well-equipped play space where your nervousness piques as Headmistress Madeline enters the classroom carrying her hard wooden ruler.


Morningwood Academy is located in an upscale, exemplary neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago, off several major roadways. It is a very private and discreet setting with ample free parking. It is conveniently located about fifteen minutes from O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and about thirty minutes from Chicago Midway Airport (MDW). It is less than fifteen minutes from Chicago's downtown financial district (The Loop).  The dungeon is easily accessible via the CTA Blue Line or the Union Pacific/Northwest Line Metra (UP-NW), if you prefer to ride the train.  CTA and Pace bus stops are also in the vicinity.  Taxi service to and from the site is available, as well.


You will marvel at my attention to detail in every aspect of Morningwood Academy. You will be in awe of the wonderful possibilities such a place affords your fetish and role-play explorations.

The Classroom
Heaven on Earth
Sit at your desk, look around you, and try to control yourself as you spy Headmistress Madeline's rulers, paddles, canes, tawses, birch rods, and yardsticks.  Control your emotions as you watch her write her name on the chalkboard.  Sit still and pay attention while she writes your assignment on the board.  If you fidget or lose focus, you will be punished.
The Dunce Stool
Sit and Think
What better place for the class clown to sit and think about the error of his ways?  You will wear the dunce cap and sit in the corner where the entire class can see you.  How humiliating!