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I offer a variety of services intended to satisfy the needs of naughty adult students.  My services are tailored to your needs, mild to wild, gentle to fierce.


The role I play while providing these services varies greatly and depends on the specifics of your fantasy. So, it's up to you whether I am your kind private tutor or your cruel headmistress. Before your session begins, when it is in the planning stages, we will agree which role I will play, how gentle or mean I will act, and other facets of our scene.


Below, you will find a comprehensive list of activities that can be incorporated into your session. Keep in mind that you may pick and choose which activities we explore. If you desire something that is not listed, feel free to inquire about its availability. Chances are, I can provide it. Typically, the pre-session interview I conduct with new clients covers all the bases and gives me a very good idea about how to customize your session to ensure your absolute satisfaction.


Fetish Exploration
Simple To Complex Situations
OTK Spankings
Corporal Punishment
Behavior Modification
Dunce Corner Time
Writing Assignments
Chalkboard Punishments


Please, do not try to negotiate my donations. I gave careful consideration to them, before posting them. I feel they are fair and in line with what the current market will bear. Attempts to negotiate my donations will insult me.


$300...1 hour
$375...1½ hours
$500...2 hours
$700...3 hours
$900...4 hours
$1000...5 hours
$1400...8 hours
$1800...12 hours
$2400...24 hours
$3600...48 hours
$4300...72 hours
$4800...96 hours
$5300...120 hours


Please, inquire via e-mail about donation rates if you are a couple, desire more than one dominatrix, or wish to session longer than five days.


I accept cash, major debit cards, major credit cards, PayPal®, and GreenDot MoneyPak®.  There is a 4% processing fee, if you use your debit card, credit card, or PayPal®.


*I have no affiliation with GreenDot®


They sent me a cease and desist notice.  Nice corporation, huh?  Apparently, they don't appreciate free publicity.  Apparently, they also think I'm an idiot who is unaware of Fair Use.


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So, here's my criticism of GreenDot MoneyPak®.  It's a huge corporation that would rather pick on the little guy than focus on other things.  Too bad.  As a side note, I really don't want to encourage anyone to do business with a company that operates like they do.  So, try your debit or credit card or PayPal® first.  Use GDMP as a last resort, as will I.


I also am not affiliated with PayPal®.  In fact, I accept cash, but I am in no way affiliated with the US Treasury.  I also am not affiliated with any credit or debit card companies.



I am not a prostitute. I am a BDSM professional. I do not offer sexual services such as massage, escorting, "jobs," happy endings, penetration, full body worship, or a helping hand. I remain fully clothed during our session.